Full Of Hatred

A woman full of hatred sent that I forget that I am half White.
A woman full of hatred sent that I have no right to fight against racial prejudice, discrimination and hatred because I am mixed.
According to this woman full of hatred, trying to open our eyes on the hatred we are the victims of and that we also and unconsciously spread is to call for revenge. According to her, it is calling for revenge of a past we are unable to “get over”.
According to this woman full of hatred, our awakening, our Black Pride, our Black is Beautiful, our Black Excellence, are just trends, “fashionable” ideas, “a spirit of the times”.
So this woman full of hatred is teaching her mixed children self-hatred just as Césaire described it in 1955 : “Je parle de millions d’hommes à qui on a inculqué savamment la peur, le complexe d’infériorité, le tremblement, l’agenouillement, le désespoir, le larbinisme.” (Aimé Césaire, 1955)
Today, a woman full of hatred refuses me the right to be proud of my blackness, the right to live my blackness, the right to speak out against the evils of hatred that dog my blackness, the right to scream with dismay at this hatred, the right to say STOP!

However, this woman full of hatred allows me to repeat what I wrote in ‘Au huitième jour’ : one single person full of hatred is not representative of a whole population.
At an event about MLK’s life and death, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet beautiful White people, Black people, mixed people, neither Black nor White people, … I just met human beings who decided to take part in the fight against this hatred that is spread by simpletons who hold it against everyone for their mediocrity! And I am proud to make a stand against this woman’s heinous words with the brave people I meet every day.
I already wrote it, but I need to write it again.
It is easy to respond to hatred with hatred. It is even easier to judge an entire race because of a few simpletons’ actions, behaviours, and words. They have their hands on our throats … and some of us would love to tear those dirty hands away. They want to strangle us. They want to silence our voices. I’m not only talking about Black voices; I’m talking about our voices, human beings’ voices because “la difference entre une simple guerre entre Noirs et Blancs, et le soulèvement du Bien contre le Mal est colossal.”[translation : « There is a huge difference between a simple war between the Whites and the Blacks, and the uprising of the Good against the Evil »] (Céline Patisson-Smith, 2018, p.18)

And that is what it is about today : the uprising against Evil.
And today, this woman full of hatred makes me feel even more grateful to my mother who is aware of the reality her daughter has to live. Her daughter … a woman she raised : a Black woman.
And today, I ask for the strength and the intelligence not to lower ourselves to their level : miscreants’ level.

Let’s not tear their hands away …
Let’s tear ourselves away from their hands.

“Très chers bâtards et enfants de bâtards, je vous remercie du plus profond de mon cœur. Votre haine me motive. Votre haine nourrit ma haine. Vous ne pouvez plus m’intimider ni m’effrayer. Pas à ce niveau-là. Je connais ma valeur. […] Mettez-nous la pression, censurez-nous, insultez-nous, haïssez-nous. Mais je répète haut et fort : je suis une femme noire et j’en suis fière.
Merci et allez cordialement vous faire foutre si cela vous déplaît. »
[translation : « Dear bastards and children of bastards, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your hatred motivates me. Your hatred feeds my hunger. You can’t intimidate me nor scare me anymore. I know my worth. […] Put us under pressure. Censor us. Insult us. Hate us. But I repeat loud and clear : I am a Black woman, and I am proud of it.
Thank you and fuck you very much if it doesn’t please you.”] (Céline Patisson-Smith, 2018, p.99)

Today, a woman full of hatred takes her pure hatred out.

Today, a woman full of hatred tries to bury hope without even noticing that she actually plants the seeds of our determination to “restore Humanity”.

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1 réflexion au sujet de “Full Of Hatred”

  1. Merci de me suivre! Je veux vous previens que je n’ecrit souvent au sujet de racisme parce que ca me rendrait folle.
    Mon sujet plus souvent c’est l’art et les artistes sauveurs de notre monde et gardiens de notre futur.
    A great warrior of our people died on Friday: Dr. James Cone. Perhaps he will be of interest to you. Because we live in Judaeo-Christian civilizations, even if many of us are no longer Christian, he decided to adapt the Christian message to the liberation of our peoples. All of them.
    People remembered him today on Democracy Now!, an alternative American news medium. We are and are not bereft because his work remains, of course!
    Good luck, Damsel. I shall be following your progress. And courage!

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